We welcome MAULIOLA PHARMACY as our Featured Nonprofit for the month of MARCH. Established in 2018 by Hawaiian pharmacist Cory Lehano, Mauliola Pharmacy serves the Maui community as a go-to pharmacy that is quick, friendly and efficient. Don’t bother taking a number here, go in and talk story for a little while and in no time, they will get you on your way with your prescription in hand. And with their ability to price match, their prices are very attractive and reasonable.

Mauliola Pharmacy’s unique clinical services distinguish them from any other pharmacy. Their mission is to integrate traditional remedies with western medicine and are continually striving to find ways for you to meet your health and wellness goals.

When asked why he wanted to start a pharmacy, Cory responded by saying “During my time working for both corporate and independent pharmacies throughout the years, I noticed that there was a distinct change of role for both pharmacy and pharmacist.  Mail-order pharmacies have taken away face-to-face interactions and do not provide a chance to build relationships of trust between the pharmacist and pharmacy.  Big corporate chain pharmacies are driven by numbers and profit margins, loosing key components of service and care along the way, and it all just seemed wrong.  I wanted to provide the community a steadfast health care BRIDGE.  The pharmacy acts as a bridge between patient and provider, and the more solid and strong the bridge is, the stronger the relationship between them become.  The pharmacy also acts as a bridge or transition for patients who are leaving the hospital.  We prepare and deliver medications to them before they leave, which takes the burden of obtaining medicine after discharge off them.  We are bridging their transition back to normal life.  Lastly, and perhaps the most important, is our vision to be the bridge between traditional healing and western remedies.  We are working with Hui No Ke Ola Pono to provide la’au lapa’au services to the community of Maui.  There is benefit to both types, and we will soon work towards making this option accessible to all those who are seeking for it.”  Cory also added,  “Ultimately I had to ask myself, what does this community need?  Only after identifying a few of these needs that I chose to begin Mauliola Pharmacy’s journey.”

Congratulations to Cory and Mauliola Pharmacy! We are very happy that the Cameron Center is home to this newly emerging pharmacy and we look forward to the great service they will provide for the community. Stop in today to Mauliola Pharmacy…whether it be to fill a prescription, ask a question, talk story, check out their clinic or signup for their services…Cory and staff will take good care of  you and your health needs!

Listed below are the other services they provide (for the month of March):


  • ‘Eke Maku’e (Brown bag) event (all throughout March).  This is a free event, all you have to do is schedule an appointment.  They will do a comprehensive medication review of all your prescriptions and supplements to make sure the medicine is being taken correctly and there make sure there are no interactions.  From there, an updated, suggested medication list is generated for the you. *This is a really good event for kupunas or anyone taking a lot of prescriptions and vitamins/supplements.


  • Free colorectal cancer screening kits are available to the public.  March is colorectal cancer awareness month, and a lot of insurance companies will not pay for screening if you are low-risk and under 50.  This test can be taken by any patient at any age.