The J. Walter Cameron Center is considering the opportunity to expand to upcountry Maui and purchase a facility to house nonprofit and social service agencies. This would allow us to provide the same services upcountry that we have carried out for over 44 years in Wailuku. If you are a nonprofit or if you know an agency that may be looking for space in the upcountry area, share this information with them and ask them to respond to the following questions.

Send your responses to:

Cesar E Gaxiola, Executive Director,

1) Does your Organization have programs that would benefit by expanding to the Upcountry district?

2) If yes, what type of office space (s) are you seeking or require?

a) Administrative Office
b) Program: i.e. counseling, health, early childhood, etc.
c) Meeting Facilities
d) A combination of the above (please list all that applies).
e) All of the above.

3) What is the minimum & maximum square footage you desire?

4) What is your projected timeline that you would like to be operational?

Thank you for taking time to provide input!